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Lost In The Maze!

Firstly lets know each other.

I am Shinjini Bhowmick, a girl from Kolkata. Currently I am doing graduation in literature subject and I am an actress by profession. In-spite of being into the glamour world and studying totally an off-track subject I have a huge interest in Fashion since childhood. Fashion Designing is what I wanted to make my career upon but somehow my grades took me here. I have always wanted to share my fashion ideas with people around and So here I go!
This blog is my world of fashion and lifestyle. Let me tell you why knowing about trends in fashion and newly launched beauty or other essential products are important.

FASHION, is what we all should be careful about because there is a very thin line between fashion and vulgarism. One wrong step in curating your wardrobe and that could cause you a severe wardrobe malfunction in public. You should know what suits, what not and how to style a look.


LIFESTYLE, It is very important to know how to manage your tough daily routines and still look good and take care of your skin. After-all self love comes first. I am giving my best to provide you all with every essential and trendy things around. Every good brand and useful products you should know and every unique style you should try!

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Happy Reading..